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About BWAZ

Our Mission

Our mission here at BWAZ is to unite women from all over The Desert, regardless of their location, to create a powerful and purposeful Sisterhood. We host various events throughout The Valley curated specifically for women of color. Despite Arizona becoming more of a melting pot with more and more people moving to The Desert daily from all over the country, the black population still only makes roughly 4% of Arizona's population. BWAZ was created to provide a safe place for women to connect, bond, and network. Despite how society portrays women of color, we are collectively changing the narrative of Black women here in Arizona and all across the country. With this platform, we are proving that incredible things can happen when women support each other.

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About Phay Dee

The Black Women of Arizona was created by Phay Dee. She was born and raised in Florida and moved to Litchfield Park, Arizona in 2015 without any friends or family. Moving to brand new territory alone proved to be a challenge.


After moving to the Phoenix area in 2016, she realized that she was probably not the only one who had a similar experience. In September 2016, she created the Black Women of Arizona with just a handful of women through chat. 


With the support of the community, the BWAZ platform has grown collectively to approximately 11,000 women all around The Desert. She has hosted numerous events all throughout The Desert, from Buckeye to Tucson. She has also assisted and coordinated countless community service efforts. Because of these events, friendships, business opportunities, and lifelong bonds have been created.

She is currently working on expanding this platform and has officially launched Phay Dee Consulting & Coaching to provide business coaching and consulting services to women in the mental health field.

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